South Koreans Are Taught This About North Korea As Children

Even as young children, the existence of North Korea is not hidden from all South Korean children. Educational programs are set in place to teach South Koreans about reunification at an early age.

A thread on the popular website Reddit asked Korean users what they were taught about North Korea in school. The thread got high attention and even went to the front page of the website.

Many Korean users responded by saying that they started learning about North Korea, its people, their government, and lifestyle at an early age. Most children were taught that the citizens of North Korea were just like friends. It was the government that had to be removed.

An elementary school classroom of South Korean students learning about North Korea and reunification.

Comment from discussion [Serious]South Koreans of Reddit, how did they teach you about the existence of North Korea in School when you were young?.

When students were young, they would learn about how to sympathize with their friends in the North, even writing letters to them. As children got older, they would then learn about the differences between the governing styles of the North and South, making sure to pinpoint the cause of the poor state of North Korea on the government.

South Korean students made art dedicated to the idea of reunification of both nations.

The sentiment in the 1980’s and 1990’s was that the two Koreas should be reunited again. Back then, there were many families who still had living relatives in the North. This is no longer the case as many of the survivors who were split by the Korean War are now deceased.

Source: Reddit