Soyou Once Spent Six Hours On The Phone With IVE’s Wonyoung And Yujin

They put the rumors to rest!

Recently, K-Pop girl group IVE’s Wonyoung and Yujin made a guest appearance on JTBC’s Knowing Bros. Singer Soyou, who also used to be in the same agency as them, was also a guest on this episode.

On the show, Kim Heechul revealed that he heard a rumor about how Soyou used to bother the younger idols before switching agencies.

To this, Soyou responded, “I like to talk on the phone with the younger idols, but it seems like this story has gone out of proportion”.

Wonyoung stood up to Soyou’s defense and stated, “I received one phone call from her at midnight. We talked for about six hours. I wasn’t tired at all!” Yujin added, “There aren’t many older idols that can talk to us like this for this long”.

Previously, Starship Entertainment revealed that they would be taking strong legal action against malicious rumors spread online. 

Source: insight