All The Sparks Were Flying Between TWICE’s Dahyun and Actor Kim Min Seok

They’re too cute together.

On Flower CrewTWICE‘s Dahyun and other guests went to Jeju Island in South Korea to try some of the island’s delicacies.

While tasting a seafood dish in the shape of the island and its landmark Halla Mountain, actor Kim Min Seok continued to be a gentleman to Dahyun. He made sure she wasn’t too close to the flames when the server set the dish on fire…

He also made sure Dahyun got to try a good piece of the abalone.

Then, Dahyun offered to hand feed Kim Min Seok with a lettuce wrap she had made – and then flew the sparks all over the place.

Kim Min Seok was super shy at first and he really didn’t know what to do with all the attention…

But soon enough, with Dahyun’s nudge that it’s okay, he went in and took the lettuce wrap in his mouth!

Fans couldn’t get enough of this short but extremely cute interaction. Neither could the older guests on the show! When they asked how Dahyun’s customized lettuce wrap tasted, Kim Min Seok claimed it was excellent!

Check out the two stars’ incredible chemistry here: