There’s A Special Term In YG’s Contract That Exists Just For AKMU

AKMU members won’t ever have to do this, thanks to their special contract!

AKMU‘s Lee Suhyun discussed one special term she and her brother, Lee Chanhyuk, have in their contracts with YG Entertainment during her appearance on Talkmon.


She first explained that when AKMU competed in K-Pop Star 2 and won the chance to sign a contract with YG Entertainment, she heard rumors about Korean entertainment agencies forcing idols to get plastic surgery done.

“I heard rumors like when Korean idols fall asleep and wake up, they’d have double eyelids done… or when the agency takes them to get immunization shots, instead they’ll be getting their noses done.” — Lee Suhyun


Lee Suhyun continued, “My brother and I got scared we’ll have to get something done to our faces.” So right before they finalized the contract, AKMU asked that a term be added stating the group will not need plastic surgery.

“We told the agency that we don’t want to get anything done to our faces.” — Lee Suhyun


When asked what YG Entertainment’s reaction to AKMU’s special term was, she answered, “Well, they cracked up first. Then they said we won’t ever need to because they will never want us to.”


Lee Suhyun added that instead of plastic surgery, she focused on weight loss and make-up to change up her looks.

She is also a beauty YouTuber with over 700,000 subscribers. She creates make-up tutorials and shares her special tips about cosmetics.


AKMU’s contract carries a no-plastic-surgery term. Suhyun won’t be getting anything done to her unique and lovely face!

Source: Dispatch