The “Squid Game” Set That Was So Beautiful, Actor Lee Jung Jae Called It “Modern Art”

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Netflix‘s Squid Game gained widespread attention for their incredible set designs as soon as it was released. As the story follows characters who joined a competition of childhood games to the death, the sets had elements of their past as well.

From the playground to the glass bridge, every scene was memorable.

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The one that stood out for a special reason to art director Chae Kyung Sun was the space with old Korean houses for the marble game in Episode 6. She revealed that it took the longest to make since every single detail was brought into focus. It was so beautiful that actor Lee Jung Jae said (Gi Hun) said, “This is almost a piece of modern art.”

The alleyway set took the most time. We focused on each and every little prop.

— Chae Kyung Sun

Park Hae Soo (Sang Woo) also couldn’t help but praise the staff for their creative efforts.

It was such a detailed set. The marble, rusted gate, and even the doorplate if you look closely. All the elements have detail.

— Park Hae Soo

Director Hwang Dong Hyuk noticed just how intricate it was, and he wasn’t shy to tell this to his co-worker.

You know how weeds grow under a wall? They even added that detail. I joked, ‘Why did you make something you can’t see?’ She paid so much attention to the details.

— Hwang Dong Hyuk

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The actors were equally amazed. Lee Jung Jae said, “Whenever we moved to a different set, I wondered how this one would look. It made me so curious.”

In art director Chae Kyung Sun’s eyes, the hard work was worth it when she saw the expressions of the cast and crew: “I looked at the faces of people when they entered a new room. I was nervous.”

When the actors began exclaiming things like, “We’re playing on that?” or in Episode 6’s case, “This is a real old fashioned front gate!” it made her feel incredibly proud.

Check out the full interview below for more information about Squid Game.

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