Star Wars Actor John Boyega Reveals His Favorite Song To Sing At Karaoke—It’s K-Pop

A panel discussion at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival got John Boyega suddenly talking about Korean music.

The Star Wars actor claimed to be the reigning champion in karaoke amongst his friends during his recent trip to China.

And, when asked about his song of choice, he blatantly revealed, “It’s a K-pop song,” without revealing what specific track he belts out.

He was further pushed to reveal his secret track, with the host asking if it was by BTS, but Boyega said it was not BTS and would only describe it as “BTS-esque.” 

John Boyega is, in fact, not so new in the K-Pop scene. In 2015, he met with some members of EXO as he promoted Star Wars: The Force Awakens in the country.

With EXO in charge of the track “Lightsaber” in the Korean version of the film, it’s no surprise that the actor himself wanted to audition for the group.

EXO-Ls infuriated by Star Wars John Boyega’s alleged ‘rude’ comment towards EXO

Which left many to wonder what specific track he belts out in the karaoke room.