Starship Entertainment Actor Son Woo Hyun Was Once In A K-Pop Boy Group

He made his debut in 2009.

Starship Entertainment‘s actor Son Woo Hyun has been gaining attention recently. He’s been rocking his role as the dutiful bodyguard Mun Gi in The Golden Spoon.


He’s also been climbing up in recognition thanks to his appearance in Starship Entertainment’s rendition of Game Caterers. The show took the artists and actors under the label on a fun team-bonding trip filled with games.

| Game Caterers

At 33 years old, his age surprised many viewers thanks to his young looks. But to others, he’s a familiar face! If you had the niggling feeling that you’ve seen Son Woo Hyun somewhere before, you’re probably right. In fact, he debuted in not one, but two boy groups before making his way as an actor.

He made a debut in 2009 as part of The Three Musketeers. They shot to fame with a remake of the famous children’s song, “Eat Up, Eat Up”.


The song should ring a bell as it is now a staple BGM for many variety shows.

After that, his entertainment agency, Open World, debuted him in the group X-5 in 2011. The stint was short-lived, as the CEO of Open World was soon revealed to have drugged and sexually assaulted multiple female trainees. X-5 soon became inactive and later disbanded when the company went under. During his time in X-5, he promoted under the name Ghun.

In 2021, he signed an exclusive contract with Starship Entertainment’s subsidiary for actors, King Kong by Starship. But even before then, he was always active in the acting industry. Starting from small roles in Spy Myungwol and Miss Ripley during his time as X-5, he later appeared in films such as Justice High and Crazy Romance.

Catch him in Spy Myungwol below.

Now, he’s a full-fledged actor! He has just wrapped up The Golden Spoon successfully. We’re looking forward to more of his future works.