Stephanie’s Sexy Couple Dance Leaves Viewers Shook

Former The Grace member, Stephanie, shocked audiences when she gave this sexy performance on Hit The Stage.

Stephanie appeared alongside Hyunseung and danced to the theme of “This Love” on the program.

The two personally choreographed a raunchy rendition of Chris Brown‘s “No Filter” that totally shocked the crowd!

The duo ended the performance with an extremely high ranking with the crowd giving them an enormous applause.

Stephanie has been appearing on variety shows and working with the Los Angeles Ballet since officially leaving The Grace.

She’s made a few appearances in Korea since, but this one is definitely one of her hottest to date!

Hyunseung has also participated on the competitive idol dancing show several times since his departure from BEAST (now HIGHLIGHT).

The two are even being called “The 2nd Troublemaker” by Mnet for their unbelievable performance.

Wannt more? You can watch their entire performance on the show below!