Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Revealed He And MONSTA X’s Shownu Shared A Dorm Together As Trainees

Shownu shared his cooking tips with him.

On an episode of Finding SKZ, Stray KidsBang Chan shared how he’d learned his recipe for ramen and that he’d learned it from someone special.


And, that special someone turned out to be MONSTA X‘s Shownu.

Bang Chan asked Stray Kids to explain the recipe Shownu had shared with him, revealing that they’d shared a dorm as trainees and that’s how they’d known each other.

Han guessed correctly. Shownu was the one who taught Bang Chan to add soup base first, and Bang Chan imitated Shownu’s exact tone when he’d told him the recipe.

He even imitated his question to Shownu about when to add the noodles and Shownu’s response to add the noodles last.

Bang Chan’s imitation of Shownu was spot on, so it seems they shared some special memories as trainees. Watch the full episode clip here to hear Bang Chan share the memory of learning Shownu’s recipe.