Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Reveals The Way He Deals With Writer’s Block

Even the best sometimes struggle!

Stray Kids‘ Bang Chan is known for his outstanding songwriting skills. Along with the other members of the groups’ sub-unit, 3RACHA, with Changbin and Han, they are the most credited 4th generation idols on KOMCA (Korea Music Copyright Association).

In the upcoming episode of Mnet‘s Kingdom, members of different groups will join together and perform in rap, vocal, and performance units. In the lead-up to the episode, Bang Chan met up with another gifted songwriter in ATEEZ‘s Hongjoong. 

During the clip, Hongjoong asked Bang Chan what he does whenever he is stuck for inspiration!

Despite being able to create unique pieces, Bang Chan explained that even he needed some time to collect his thoughts.

I go out to get some fresh air. I don’t really think about music, and I don’t ever listen to music. Playing games or working out, I take a rest like this.

— Bang Chan

Although the time seemed to pass quickly and the timer ran out, Bang Chan added that everything works out in the end despite the initial writer’s block.

When I come back to work, everything rushes to my head.

— Bang Chan

It is not only great advice for songwriters but anyone. If there comes a time when you feel stuck for inspiration or motivation, take some time out and come back with a fresh mind!

You can watch the whole clip below.

Source: Mnet

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