Stray Kids Create An Uplifting Acrostic Poem That’ll Inspire You To Reach Your Goals

They want you to be the best version of yourself.

Stray Kids were asked to make an acrostic poem out of their title song “Side Effects” or Boo Jak Yong.


Bang Chan, Hyunjin, and Felix were overwhelmed at first. But, they divided the three parts among themselves and gained confidence.

Using Boo, Bang Chan started the poem off on a positive note by saying, “Don’t think negatively.” It’s the easiest way someone can lose focus, and he doesn’t want anyone to fall into it.

So, Felix continued the theme by letting everyone know that it’s completely fine to have lofty goals. He said, “Think big,” for Jak.

And, Hyunjin ended the poem perfectly with a cheer to spur anyone on. For Yong, he stated, “Be brave and go for it.” After all, you won’t know what will happen until you try.

Stray Kids are always there to give anyone encouragement and support, and they proved it here. See them create this inspiring poem on the spot.

Stray Kids