Stray Kids’ Felix Brainstormed With Fans For His Next Hair Color —Here Are The Colors He Liked

“If you have a color you want me to try, I’ll do it.”

Stray KidsFelix has tried several hairstyle and hair colors! From pink to blonde, it seems Felix has tried it all. Despite having done various styles and colors, Felix revealed there’s still a lot he wants to try.

During a recent live broadcast, Stary Kids’ Felix was asked by a fan, “What hair color do you want?

Instead of sharing his answer, Felix asked the viewers, “Which color do you want?

One color that a fan suggested that caught Felix’s attention was the color white. Felix asked, “It’s like a blond, and then make it white? You mean like Elsa?” Felix commented that he liked the idea of having long white-colored hair. We can all agree that Felix would look stunning!

I think that could be nice. If I had long white hair. I think I’d like it.

— Felix

Felix then mentioned how having long white hair would give him an extra boost of confidence! Of course, being his charming self, Felix added that Stays give him confidence as well.

I’d get more confidence. Of course, you’re my confidence too. You always give me power. I have enough confidence already.

— Felix

One fan commented that they’d love to see Felix with light blue hair and Felix took a liking to that idea as well.

‘I hope you have light blue hair.’ That’s good too. It’d be like, from ‘Blueprint.’ It’d be new if it’s brighter than that.

— Felix

While Felix loved both ideas so far, one fan suggested a new style Felix hasn’t been seen with. The fan recommended Felix try a “Half and Half” hair color.

Felix found the idea of having two different hair colors at one time to be a cool idea and suggested that he try white and light blue.

‘Half and half.’ Half? Half? Not bad. It’s like, when you say half, you mean like this? Like, white and light blue?

— Felix

Felix’s face light up with a bright smile as he continued to share his several color ideas for a half and half style. Loving all the ideas, Felix was adorably flustered with all of the options.

That or, pink and sky blue. No both? I don’t know. Or, white hair, and then light blue here? I don’t know.

— Felix

Having a rainbow hair colored also intrigued Felix, however, he wasn’t sure how it would work with so many colors. Instead, Felix came up with the idea of doing an ombré.

‘Rainbow’ Rainbow? You want rainbow colors? Then how…Can you get all seven colors on the hair? That’s too hard. Or, I saw it on the internet, somebody had an ombré hair, with rainbow colors. So every time she lifts the hair, you can see the rainbow. That’s beautiful too. Imagine having just ombré rainbow hair.

— Felix

Felix then revealed that he may not color his hair and bring back his natural black hair color.

But it’s been a long time since I had black hair. It’s been three years. More than three years. Three years. It’s been three years. Because until now, I always had bright colors.

— Felix

Overall, Felix seemed to love all the suggestions the viewers shared with him! Felix sweetly claimed that he would do any hair color for his Stays! Felix stated, “If you have a color you want me to try, I’ll do it. If I can.

Source: Naver Live

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