Stray Kids’ Han Worked GOT7’s Jinyoung Into An Acrostic Poem About Hyunjin And It’s Perfect

Pure perfection!

When it comes to being a fanboy of GOT7‘s Jinyoung, no one is more dedicated to showing his love for his sunbae than Stray KidsHyunjin. He’s been caught fanboying over Jinyoung on multiple occasions and since it’s not that big of a secret, his fellow member Han decided to make perfect use of it during a game!


During the latest episode of SPOT KIDS: Black, Stray Kids tried their hand at creating acrostic poems from their fellow members’ names and, Stray Kids being Stray Kids, things got interesting pretty quickly!


While there were plenty of iconic, hilarious, and strong poems created, Han’s poem for Hyunjin had everyone cracking up. Han was tasked with creating an acrostic poem from Hyunjin’s full name, Hwang Hyunjin, and starting with “Hwang” he began on a strong note.

Hwang. You can call him an emperor.

— Han


Adding on the “Hyun” part of his poem, he continued to show his expertise at creating the poems.

Hyun. He’s the most legendary person I know, I love you!

— Han


And when he got to “Jin,” he ended on a very solid note that included a little bit of Hyunjin’s fanboy side!

Jin. Jinyoung PDnim!

— Han


The flawless poem got him some high fives from his members and a whole lot of love from fans!


Check out Han’s acrostic poem prowess as well as more poem fun below: