Stray Kids’ Han Reveals How Seungmin Scares The Hell Out Of Him

He always pops up when Han’s minding his own business.

Although Stray KidsHan can be a bit of a scaredy-cat and jumpy when something surprises him, it’s typically for a justifiable reason.


In the second episode of One Kid’s Room, he revealed just what Seungmin does that scares him the most. In fact, it may be just as scary to you.

Bang Chan made everyone laugh with his imitation of how Seungmin sometimes opens their bedroom door just to peek his head in and shut it without saying a word. This sparked a memory for Han that was just as scary. He began by revealing that Seungmin often comes to his room and happens to meet his eyes.

He enters my room often, and his eyes meet mine.

When he spots Seungmin at the door, he’ll ask him why he’s come to see him. Rather than answering him, Seungmin will give a creepy smile as he slowly closes the door. Hearing Han’s retelling combined with the demonstration made Felix and Changbin burst into laughter.

I ask, “What are you doing here?”

To top it off, Seungmin ups the creepiness by laughing as he’s leaving. By this point, everyone couldn’t help but laugh.

Then, he just leaves chuckling.

Han finds it so scary that he gets goosebumps. It even makes him wonder what Seungmin had been planning to begin with.

It gives me goosebumps. “What’s wrong with him? Why did he come to my room?”

Since Seungmin loves to play jokes on his members and scare them, he seems to be doing quite well from Han’s perspective. Listen to Han give everyone a good laugh from his scary moment with Seungmin.

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