Sulli To Appear In First TV Series In 6 Years, Here’s What We Know So Far

Sulli will appear on her own reality show that shows bits of her lifestyle and her journey of opening up a pop-up store!

Former f(x) member Sulli will be appearing on a reality show program!


SM Entertainment announced that Sulli will be appearing on a reality program but the schedule or channel have not yet been decided.

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“Sulli will be appearing on a reality program. The schedule for shooting and the channel have not been decided. Jinri Shop is a working title. The title has not been confirmed yet.” ㅡ SM Entertainment 


The program, which is called Jinri Shop (working title), will show Sulli’s lifestyle and her attempt to open her own pop-up store.

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The title Jinri Shop most likely comes from the fact that Sulli’s real name is Choi Jin Ri!


Sulli had previously hinted at her new project through a post on SNS. Now fans know that the project will be Jinri Shop!

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The last time Sulli appeared in a television series was in To the Beautiful You in 2012.

Sulli dressed up as a boy in the drama to attend an all-boy school and showed a more tomboyish side to her charm.


Her most recent work was in the film Real, which put Sulli in the spotlight for her explicit sexual scenes.

Still shot from the film “Real”


Sulli’s fans now have a program to look forward to that will give them a closer, more personal, look at their favorite idol.

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