Sulli Opens up About the Time She Suffered False Pregnancy Rumors

“I was once rumored to be pregnant. I felt really hurt by it.”

On the most recent episode of JTBC’s The Night of Hate Comments, Sulli shared that she once suffered false pregnancy rumors.

She started off by mentioning, “I was really sick one time so I went to the hospital to get a full checkup. They checked everything but couldn’t find the cause of my pain.

Sulli then added, “The doctor said that the only test remaining was a gynecological exam and asked if I was willing to go through with that as well.

Sulli confessed that that’s what started the rumors. She revealed, “Someone saw me go in for an exam which is what started the rumors.


According to Sulli, an employee at the hospital took a photo of her charts and leaked it on the internet. She teared up as she stated, “A lot of rumors started at the hospital. They don’t respect their patients’ privacy, and that caused many problems for me.

Source: Dispatch