Sulli Just Shared Her Weirdest Photo Yet On Instagram

Sulli is gaining attention again, both positive and negative from her regular haters, for photos showing an inside look at the party-life of a celebrity!

Sulli’s Instagram has always been a hot topic of discussion and these latest photos are no exception. Her dorky selfies from a small private year-end party has her fans absolutely falling in love with her.

She looked gorgeous in the first set of pictures she uploaded. Donning a classy black jacket and quietly sipping her drink, the scene almost looked like a magazine photoshoot.

Photo Caption: “Ggyu? (an aegyo sound)”

6 hours and presumably a few drinks after, she turned into a complete dork!

Photo caption: Dance Time.

Sulli continued to post interesting photos of herself and her friends enjoying some food and drinks.

The next picture she posted had her chilled out and looking super relaxed. Although, the position she was in and the description confused some people.

Just when we thought this was the end of her party, she posted this final photo. The dorkiest picture of them all.

Photo Caption: “I will end 2016 in fire….”

Sulli’s Instagram has become one of the hottest topics of 2016 from wild photos of her hilarious antics to photos with her boyfriend, Choiza. There’s no doubt that Sulli’s just enjoying her life like any other girl in her early twenties!

Let’s hope that 2017 sees her receiving less criticism for just being herself.