Sulli Sits On Sacred Japanese Alcove, Some Netizens Don’t See What The Big Deal Is 

“It is a scared place in Japan.”

Some of Sulli’s latest Instagram uploads have landed her in hot water with her Japanese fans.

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The photos were initially posted on April 25 and she appeared to be wearing a traditional Japanese outfit, make-up free ,and smiling innocently while she sat in an alcove. 


Some netizens who saw the photos immediately expressed their concerns and left comments, “It is a scared place in Japan,” “Pretty but it is place where you cannot sit,” and more. 


The alcove (or “Tokonoma”) is a room in some Japanese houses with a raised floor that usually functions as a shrine to symbolize the wealth or success of the family and is typically decorated with dolls, vases, and artwork.



Others, however, failed to see the issue, as they were not aware of the custom and also left comments, “How can an outsider know?” “Can there be a warning in Korean?” and more. 

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Some fans also pointed out that luxury brand Gucci posted a similar photo for their campaign, but this did not appear to garner any backlash or criticism.


Sulli has since deleted the photos.

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Source: Star Today