Sulli’s controversial photographer Rotta releases photo collection of new model

Photographer Rotta who became widely known after doing a photoshoot with Sulli, has unveiled a new photo series with his newest model.

Korean swimsuit and underwear model Pyo Eunji has been gaining a lot of attention for her youthful face and contrastingly glamorous body.  Although her modeling photos are considered quite risque in Korea’s relatively conservative society, Pyo Eunji has built quite a reputation for her innocent-looking face and captivating gaze. In line with her sexy yet innocent image, she’s even worked with notable photographer Rotta, who has come under fire for the “lolita” concepts he used in photo shoots with Sulli and girl group Stellar.

01 - ddULQSZ

02 - ApItEOu

03 - TSWkqiw

04 - JlGem0F

05 - bTenbBf

06 - zrbZaXG

07 - wNEmBXY

08 - dkUIcjt

09 - anxIC4o

10 - h7woRim

11 - dXmt2SI

12 - Nk72mRx

13 - EDmszg3

14 - hDWNR70

15 - OtkOq7k

16 - vrD1qTE