Sunmi Reveals The Time She Most Resembles Disney’s Cruella de Vil

Everyone has a bit of Cruella in them!

Soloist Sunmi recently appeared in the recent edition of Allure Korea in collaboration with Disney, where she portrayed the character Cruella de Vil ahead of the upcoming movie Cruella.

In an interview on their YouTube page, Sunmi pointed out that Cruella’s character is a characteristic everyone has in their minds.

She was then asked what the similarities were between her and the villainous character.

Sunmi quickly emphasized that there are huge differences between the “human” Sunmi and Cruella. She usually resembles the character before becoming evil as she doesn’t “Really like to cause trouble.”

Yet, Sunmi couldn’t deny that she’s much more like Cruella when she gets performs. In particular, in her music video for “Tail,” Sunmi is reincarnated into a villain, and someone in the comments even pointed out that she looked like Cruella.

In particular, Sunmi added that when she is on stage, the synchronicity ratio with Cruella is 95%!

 On stage, I would turn as a bad bi*ch. Well, I would have to turn mad in a good way, but I guess that didn’t happen.

If channeling her inner Cruella allows fans to witness the sassy, powerful and strong Sunmi, then fans will definitely not mind a bit of madness on stage!

You can watch the whole interview below.

Source: FI and FI