Netizens Suspect Sunmi Crying on V Live Was Just an Act Ahead of Her New MV, “Noir”

If this theory is true, that was a very clever promotional strategy.

Sunmi‘s new MV, “Noir” was just released on March 4, and it’s made quite the impact on the internet as it has already accumulated over 3.5 million views on YouTube.

Besides Sunmi’s unique looks in the MV, what really stood out was the message she was portraying through the song and visuals.

The MV consisted of various scenes of Sunmi posing for the camera in her daily life, but the focus was what she was doing while taking those photos.

The scenes showed her committing dangerous acts as well as those that simply stood out which most would consider Instagram-worthy.

In between such impactful scenes were snippets of what seemed to hint at the need for celebrities to get as many likes and subscriptions as possible, even if it means doing fake and extreme things.

The video portrays a dark side of fame and social media, and it has raised suspicions among the fan community regarding a few things that Sunmi did prior to this MV’s release.

On February 11, Sunmi did a live broadcast on Naver’s V Live where she chatted with her fans. But to her fans’ surprise, she suddenly started crying and didn’t really explain the reason for her tears.

This greatly worried her fans, especially because she had also uploaded a photo of pills prior to this broadcast.

That’s not all. Following this incident, Sunmi worried her fans even further with a post about harming herself.

She then cleared up the misunderstanding by telling her fans that those were actually just lyrics of her upcoming song, “Noir”.

All of these things greatly worried fans about Sunmi’s well-being, but following the release of “Noir”, fans are wondering if these incidents were all teasers for her upcoming song.

It would be a true relief for fans if all of this really was just a show for her MV, “Noir”, but it’d be an understatement to say that celebrities go through struggles and it’s not a topic to stay hush about.