Super Junior Donghae Cries Confessing Heechul Has Changed So Much

Super Junior recently starred on Weekly Idol and revealed that Donghae once cried because of Heechul.

Heechul first explained that it was during the time that they were promoting “Miracle”, which was their busiest time.

“When we were promoting ‘Miracle’, we didn’t really get much sleep so we were all very sensitive.”

— Super Junior’s Heechul

When Heechul was in his room listening to rock music, Donghae suddenly burst in and turned it off.

Confused, Heechul stared at Donghae and turned his music back on, when Donghae suddenly kicked his door and shouted, 

“What are you doing with the music turned up so loud?!”

– Donghae

Heechul was so shocked that he screamed at Donghae and called him crazy, which led to Donghae crying and saying, 

“Hyung, I feel like you’ve changed too much.”

When the hosts asked why Donghae felt this way, he said it was because he rarely had a chance to talk to Heechul.

“Heechul was really busy because he was filming ‘Sharp’, but I wasn’t aware of how hectic his schedule was. I wanted to talk to him, so I picked a fight with him on purpose.

I thought this would give me the opportunity to have a conversation with him. Because he’s our hyung.”

— Super Junior’s Donghae

Watch the segment below!