Super Junior’s Donghae Reveals His Game Console Caught Fire And Everyone Is Asking, “How?”

“How does one burn a PlayStation… Lee Donghae, please explain.”

Super Junior Donghae‘s relationship with electronics is…complicated, to say the least.
When it comes to his gadgets, Donghae doesn’t exactly have the best luck. In the past, he lost his iPod and his phone at the exact same time…

And had quite the experience with his tablet.

While fans are already well-aware of Donghae’s complicated connection with any and all gadgets, Donghae’s most recent tech-failure moment has everyone scratching their heads and wondering how in the world it all happened!

On May 4, Donghae headed to Instagram where he uploaded a picture of his PlayStation console on his stories. Along with the picture, Donghae captioned the moment with a fire emoji and the words, “Burned my PlayStation.”

After Donghae had revealed his PlayStation had met with a fiery demise, Donghae took over trends worldwide as ELF puzzled over what happened to make the console catch fire..

As well as wonder about Donghae’s terrible luck with all things tech!

Thankfully, even if Donghae himself knows that his relationship with electronics is more than a little complicated as proven by the follow-up story he posted…

!! If I touch any machines with this hand, it breaks down!! Please don’t touch anything. becare for guys ^^

There might be a good reason why Donghae’s luck ran out with his console as one fan noted that his model might be one that’s almost 9 years old!

So maybe Donghae’s electronics luck is changing after all!

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