Heechul’s New Cat Looks Strikingly Similar To Sulli’s, According To Netizens

Fans wonder if Heechul is now raising Sulli’s Sphynx.

Super Junior‘s Heechul has a new kitty friend, who may not be new at all.


On November 6, Heechul went live on his official YouTube channel to chat with fans. During the broadcast, a Sphynx joined him.


This cat bears a striking resemblance to Sulli‘s cat, leading some netizens to wonder if Heechul is now caring for her pet, following her passing.


When fans asked Heechul where the cat came from, he told viewers that it’s a secret.


As such, the cat’s identity is a mystery. What fans do know is that it will be well-taken care of by its cat-dad. Heechul adores animals, and he has raised several cats of his own.


Watch his broadcast here:


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