Super Junior’s Leeteuk Reveals His Extravagant Dream Wedding And How It Involves His Fans

He has it all figured out.

Super Junior‘s leader Leeteuk recently spilled the tea on what he hopes for in the future and an extravagant wedding is definitely on his list!

During his recent appearance on Bride X Club, Leeteuk mentioned he has a detailed vision of what he wants his wedding to look like when the time comes.

For the wedding’s location, Leeteuk confessed he wants to have it somewhere over and named the Jamsil Olympic Stadium. While it may seem a bit much to have a wedding at such a location, Leeteuk revealed the sweet reason for wanting it somewhere as big as the Jamsil Olympic Stadium. As a part of his dream vision for his wedding, Leeteuk commented that he wants his fans to be in attendance, therefore, he needs to have a place with lots of seating.

My dream was to have a wedding at Jamsil Main Stadium. Like a concert, we gathered our fans.

— Leeteuk

As for the wedding’s source of entertainment, Leeteuk shared that he would, of course, have Super Junior perform! In addition to Super Junior, Leeteuk commented that he may ask some other SM Entertainment artists to perform as well.

The fans were watching the performances of the singers from our company.

— Leeteuk

When discussing how he will enter the wedding, Leeteuk mentioned that he wants a grand entrance as well. Before his bride appears, Leeteuk shared he would like to be brought to the main stage on a helicopter. Following Leeteuk’s entrance, the attention will then be all on him and his lovely bride as they walk down the aisle.

While watching the stage, the wedding begins in the second part. That’s why I take a helicopter. When I come by helicopter, I take a rope from the Jamsil Main Stadium. In the meantime, the bride and groom enter.

— Leeteuk

Check out the video below:

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