Heechul’s Mom Let Him Audition for SM Because of a Hilarious and Unexpected Reason

But the audition didn’t go as Heechul’s mom expected.

Super Junior‘s Heechul recently appeared on SBS’s My Little Old Boy with his mother and shared a hilarious story of how he entered SM Entertainment.

On the show, Heechul’s mother was asked, “How did you react when Heechul told you he wanted to become a singer?

In response, she replied, “I let him go to the audition because I thought he had it too easy in life and wanted him to experience something difficult.


However, Heechul passed the audition right away, and his mother said she was happy that he found something he wanted to do.

Ahead of this reveal, Heechul explained how he entered SM Entertainment by sharing, “I went up to Seoul from Gangwon Province to have fun. And I decided to go to the audition while I was at it. But I was 40 to 50 minutes late. So just knocked.

He then added, “They told me to come back tomorrow because they were finished for the day, but the team leader then took a look at me and told me to come in. I passed the audition after that.


Source: Dispatch

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