Super Junior’s Donghae Begs Sasaeng Fans To Stop Harassing Him

He made a desperate plea in his Instagram story.

Super Junior‘s Donghae posted an Instagram story on September 20 asking sasaeng fans to stop calling him. A sasaeng fan is an obsessive fan who invades the privacy of an idol, oftentimes going through extreme lengths to get his/her attention.

Donghae’s Instagram story included a video that showed the multiple attempted calls he received that day from sasaeng fans.

It included a desperate plea, asking for help and begging the callers to stop harassing him.

Plz stop the call me. Help me I’m sorry~~ㅜㅜ

– Donghae

This is not the first time idols revealed they were harassed by sasaeng fans. Read more below to know other disturbing stories of sasaeng fans who went too far.

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