Super Junior’s Donghae Reveals His Feelings Ahead Of Comeback

Even over 15 years in the business does not make it easier!

Super Junior is due to release their 10th studio album, The Renaissance, this month. In an interview with The Single, Donghae spoke about how he feels whenever an album is released.

Donghae explains how everything is “new and exciting,” even though there is always a familiarity when releasing new music.

 It’s exciting to create our own work about our time and introduce it knowing that it’ll remain for a lifetime. Knowing that it’ll remain like footsteps even when we’re gone makes us realize that we can’t do our work halfheartedly.

— Super Junior’s Donghae

Even though Super Junior has been releasing music for over 15 years, Donghae points out that he still feels nervous. He also reveals the nerves standing on the stage for the first time after a new song is released.

I tremble a lot. Even though I prepare a lot, the first stage is anxious and scary.

— Super Junior’s Donghae

He added that, because of these feelings, he is very grateful to be in a group and have the other members there for support.

Along with the release of the 10th album, it is also the 10th anniversary of his sub-unit D&E with Eunhyuk. Even with all of this, Donghae reveals that there is still so much that he wants to do.

As a group, he wants to do another concert in front of their fans. More personally, he would like to showcase his acting talent and his passion for photography in an exhibition!

Super Junior’s 10th studio album, The Renaissance, will be released on March 16.

Source: The Single

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