Super Junior’s Heechul Once Revealed That Dam Bi Would Let Him Know Whether Someone Was Worth Dating

She also lets him know whether she approves of his girlfriend—or not!

Super Junior‘s Heechul is famously close to, well, everyone. Seriously! Can you think of a single celebrity who doesn’t like him? We’ll wait.

Source: Nickelodeon

Couldn’t think of anyone, eh? Yeah, us too. Anyway, getting back to the point, Heechul is actually quite close to Son Dam Bi.

Son Dam Bi | Source: Key East Entertainment

During an episode of tvN‘s Life Bar, Heechul revealed that whenever someone would confess their feelings to him, he would consult Dam Bi because “girls know girls better“.

Source: tvN D ENT/YouTube

Being the good friend she is, Dam Bi wouldn’t hold back and share her honest impression of the women with Heechul.

Source: tvN D ENT/YouTube

Heechul would even take his girlfriends out to meet Dam Bi!

Source: tvN D ENT/YouTube

In fact, there were times that she didn’t approve of Heechul’s girlfriend and let him know!

Source: tvN D ENT/YouTube

We wonder if Heechul introduced Momo to Dam Bi yet?

Watch the whole clip below:

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