Super Junior’s Leeteuk Confidently Says To Never “Talk About K-Pop” Without Mentioning Their Group, And Fans Are Rallying Behind Him

ELFs, gather around!

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk is as honest as can be and fans love it!

The SM Entertainment boy group recently visited Archive-K where they became the guests of the show instead of the interviewers for a change. It started with the hosts discussing the significant impact Super Junior had on K-Pop.

A K-Pop group that has turned the whole Asia upside down, Super Junior is coming! Debuted as ‘Super Junior 05,’ they were a project group to advance into Asia in 2005!

— Host

They debuted in 2005 as the biggest group the industry had seen at the time. They also popularized units, set records in foreign countries like Taiwan and the Philippines, stepped head-first into the entertainment and acting industries, and more.

Moreover, with songs such as “Sorry Sorry,” “Bonamana,” and “Mr. Simple,” they were a big reason why K-Pop flourished globally.

They’re a historical group that made Asia dance! Please welcome the K-Pop legends, Super Junior, who are still making people dance!

— Host

It is not a surprise that Leeteuk acknowledged this great achievement with pride. He did not mince any words when he called them an “indispensable group.”

Actually, it’s a little embarrassing, but we are an indispensable group.

— Leeteuk

He stated confidently, “Do not talk about K-Pop without [mentioning] Super Junior!”

The host agreed with his statement and even likened them to Gwanggaeto the Great, a Korean monarch who expanded the country’s territory from 374–413 AD.

Host: Gwanggaeto the Great of Korea who devoured all of Asia!

Leeteuk: The expansion of the Korean wave territory, yes.

ELFs took to Twitter to rally their support for the leader, saying that his words were nothing but accurate.

They collectively agreed that K-Pop would not be the same without Super Junior. There was “nothing wrong” with his statement considering their impact on the industry.

One of the ELFs who added to the conversation was the head of Pulp Live, the organizers of Super Junior’s concerts in the Philippines. Happy Sy-Go commented simply, “So true,” to which her followers replied the likes of, He doesn’t need to be embarrassed coz it’s SUPER TRUE. Suju brought me into the kpop world,” “Truly,” and more, also asking for updates on the group’s show in the Manila.

Check out the full interview below.

Source: YouTube

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