Super Junior’s Ryeowook Reveals Which Girl Groups Are Most-Loved By Korean Soldiers

Ryeowook admitted there were a lot of girl groups that got him and his fellow soldiers through their military service.

Super Junior‘s Ryeowook was discharged from the military after his compulsory two-year service and admitted that a lot of girl groups helped him through the hard times.


When asked which girl groups gave him the most strength during his military life, Ryeowook revealed which girl groups are most popular amongst soldiers.

“There’s too many. Red Velvet, TWICE, BLACKPINK, MOMOLAND, Apink, AOA and (G)I-DLE are all really popular. I watched all of them but I still want to see more. ” — Ryeowook


Fellow Super Junior members Siwon, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Donghae welcomed him back at his discharge ceremony, where he met with fans and answered media questions.


Ryeokwook admitted that although he had seen a lot of girl groups, he wanted to see more, and would “take good care of his juniors.


Fans are not surprised that girl groups are popular in the military but are discussing the kinds of groups that were mentioned.

  • “Coz girl groups are more recognized by public. Their songs are catchy  Hence yeah, ppl in military know some ggs.”
  • “It’s not surprising. When Jaejoong came out, he also said TWICE and BP were the top girl groups in the military.”
  • “Red Velvet is the best!!”
  • “AOA and Apink still famous. Who said they were flopping?”
  • “Weird, last year’s popular groups included Mamamoo, Sistar and 9muses. The trend seems to be cute ggs not sexy ggs now.”
  • “Finally free! I’m glad he likes BLACKPINK.”
  • “As some Korean friends say, when you are done with the service you get out as a ONCE”


Most are just happy Ryeowook is back and that most of the Super Junior members are finished their military service!

  • “Wow already discharged, it went so quick, congrats!!”
  • “Welcome back! Now just waiting for my Kyuhyunnie.”
  • “Time flies so fast. We almost done ELF, only Kyuhyun left T_T”
Source: Hankyung