Suzy Reveals Why She Feels The Most Relaxed Since Her Debut

“In the past, I was the type that couldn’t stand having free time.”

The lovely Suzy recently participated in a gorgeous pictorial and interview for Haper’s Bazaar magazine!

Since the finale of her hit drama Start Up, Suzy has taken time away from her busy life and has been resting at home. In her interview, Suzy revealed she’s never felt so relaxed during a break than the one she’s taking now.

Q: Like a girl full of curiosity, your eyes sparkle. You seem more lively and relaxed. You have been taking a break since shooting your drama “Start Up,” could that be the effect?

I think so. This is the first time since debut where my mind is at ease and I am taking a good rest. I’m having a great time focusing entirely on me.

— Suzy

As for what Suzy’s day on break might consist of, Suzy shared it’s a lot of basic activities such as walking her dog or doing a bit of house cleaning.

Q: What does Suzy’s ordinary life look like? What are you usually doing at this time on a Sunday?

I spend most of my time at home. On a sunny afternoon like today, I’ll go for a walk with my dog or doing housework. I’m immersed in organizing these days. I have a personality where I can’t stand to see a mess, but honestly, the process of organizing things is fun, so I work hard at it. If you move diligently, your mind calms down and your thoughts become clearer.

— Suzy

Suzy expressed how this break is different from any other break she’s taken. During her previous breaks, Suzy shared she was never at ease as she felt like she needed to keep working.

Q: If you repeat the process of refining and reviewing your surroundings over and over again, you may find things you missed or forgotten.

Yes. In the past, I was the type that couldn’t stand having free time. I felt like I had to consistently work and I was anxious about even taking a break like this. But now, I realized that the break is time to prepare for my next work. It’s not a time to stop, it’s a comma that you have in order to move forward. That’s why every hour is precious, so I am spending my time by doing things for myself.

— Suzy

Though it may sound like she has a special technique for relaxing, Suzy explained how it’s simple things like doing some chores or seeing her plants grow makes her happy.

Q: What are those things for yourself?

The little things. I keep talking about house chores (laughs). After tidying up and seeing a neat space or when I see how the plants are growing under my care, I feel a type of joy that I’ve never felt before. It’s like I am working every day with my hands.

— Suzy

While the weather is nice and the days are lovely, Suzy revealed she wants to take more walks before the nice season ends.

Q: What do you want to do before this season is over?

Walk! When the day is pretty like this, I want to walk more often and longer. Nowadays I can feel the views in the surroundings getting more colorful. The fresher the seasons, the more awakened my body and mind is. It’s amazing to see the branches in front of my house sprout new leaves little by little and turn green overnight. When I was busy, I wasn’t able to feel it but the more I look around, the more I feel like my normal daily life looks different. I want to slowly enjoy this moment before the nice season is over.

— Suzy

It appears that Suzy is taking some much-needed rest from her busy life and is enjoying it!

Source: Harper's Bazaar and @skuukzky