We’ll Never Get Over Suzy’s Reaction To This Older Fan’s Abrupt Pic Request

Here we are, swooning all over again!

Back in April 2015, Suzy was spotted looking gorgeous as usual on her way out of the country from Incheon International Airport.


Right as she was crossing the street to enter the terminal, an older woman approached with her cellphone camera ready to snap glimpses of the superstar.


When Suzy noticed, she didn’t turn down the request. Instead, she turned it into the sweetest mini-photoshoot to have ever existed!


She even bent her knees and made herself shorter so the ahjumma-fan could get a better angle…


… and the fan was thrilled by Suzy’s most charming friendliness, as told by the giant smile on her face!


And Suzy has not changed a bit since 2015. At every airport departure and arrival, Suzy can be seen greeting with her warmest glow —


and it never fails to enchant the press and fans.


With that being, K-Pop fans are falling in love with Suzy and her angelic personality all over again. Could she possibly be real? She’s simply too good to be true!

Source: THEQOO