Suzy Is A Whole Visual Explosion Sporting Round Glasses In Her Latest Instagram Post

Suzy in round glasses is pure perfection!

Let’s be real, Suzy is always gorgeous beyond words but recently she left everyone absolutely breathless when she popped on a pair of round glasses!

Suzy recently blessed us all by stopping by her Instagram and sharing a few spec selcas along with the simple caption of “#Carin #Elle #FeatherFitGlasses.”

Although not everyone can pull off round glasses, Suzy most certainly can! Through the series of photos she shared, Suzy proved that she can rock the round eyewear look like nobody else!

Showcasing her pure and innocent charms, Suzy’s gorgeous visuals were on full display in the pics.

And the round frames only served to highlight Suzy’s big, bright, and beautiful eyes.

Paired with her heart-fluttering smile and her intense gaze…

The pics were pure Suzy perfection!