T-ARA’s Chinese CEO Is The Heir To A $30 Billion USD Fortune

Fans and netizens were shocked at just how rich entertainment label Banana Culture CEO Wang Sicong really is.

As the only heir to his father Wang Jianlin, he has been called China’s richest son and lives up to that reputation. Recently, he was seen out on the town, where he reportedly spent about $385,000 USD. Crazily enough, he apparently spent about $30,000 last Halloween night alone.

Known to be an avid fan of K-Pop, Wang Sicong founded entertainment agency Banana Culture, which now manages Chinese promotions for idol groups T-ARA and EXID.

T-ARA’s CEO, Wang Sicong.

As if he couldn’t shock people even more, he once gave his dog, Coco, eight iPhone 7s and even had two gold Apple watches on. This made his dog be the first creature to ever have an iPhone.

This dog probably owns more iPhones than the average person.

What dog needs two Apple Watches?

Other than spending crazy amounts of money on going out, he reportedly spent more than $500 million to build a seven-star hotel. Located in Shanghai, this hotel is very luxurious, has amazing views of the city, a grand ballroom, and more.

A look at the seven-star hotel in Shanghai.

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