T-ara’s Hyomin And Other Celebrities Attend Sports Apparel Event

In addition to celebrities, there was also a soccer star in attendance!

On October 26, T-ara‘s Hyomin, CROSS GENE‘s Takuya, Pristin‘s Nayoung, Melody Day‘s Chahee, and Lee Ho Jung were in attendance of an apparel brand event.

The event was for the brand GOALSTUDIO, a soccer-inspired lifestyle brand that was built on an in-depth understanding of soccer culture.

Their vision is “to help create a healthier society by spreading a positive message within football through various forms of products.” (Football, of course, is the common name for soccer in other countries.)

Although the event was for an apparel brand, with the importance of health, both physical and mental, at the forefront of everyone’s minds nowadays, it’s nice that it’s for a brand that promotes good health (through soccer).

There is anecdotal evidence that suggestions regular activity keeps your mental skills sharp, and that participating in physical activity at least three times a week can provide mental health benefits.

Djibril Cissé, a former player for France’s national soccer team, also participated in the event.

Source: kstyle