T-ARA’s Hyomin Shares Hot Photos Of Herself From Her Vacation With Fans On Instagram

Like many idols, T-ARA‘s Hyomin has used her Instagram account to communicate with her fans, posting photos from her daily life to update them with what she’s doing. 

And while she’s wowed fans with many sexy photos in the past, her latest vacation photos have really captured their attention. Basking in the summer sun in crop tops and hanging by the pool in the trendy rash guard, Hyomin sure knows how to please fans with the perfect comfortable and eye-catching outfits.

hyomin 1

hyomin 2

hyomin 3

hyomin 4

hyomin 5

hyomin 6

hyomin 7

hyomin 8

Check out Hyomin going bare face for Mnet in this shocking video: