Tablo Addresses His Tweet That Caused A Lot Of “Controversy”

Was it really that big of a deal?

Epik High‘s Tablo was having a casual conversation about his favorite foods. He mentioned that his favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip.

Diane, who is the host, remembers that Tablo caused some controversy with his liking of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Tablo also recalls the moment, as he remembers just casually stating that mint chocolate chip ice cream was something that he enjoyed.

Tablo’s comment caused some “riots”, as he was surprised by how protective people were about mint chocolate chip ice cream. As well as being surprised by how many people dislike the flavor.

Diane also recalls that Tablo wasn’t casual about his preference for mint chocolate ice cream, as his tweet was a bit more “assertive”.

Despite some of the “backlash” he received from his tweet, Tablo still stands by his claims about mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Here is the full video below!