Taeyeon’s cover of TWICE’s “TT” is going viral

Taeyeon delighted her fans on Instagram with two videos of her dancing along to TWICE‘s “TT”.

The videos were uploaded on January 25 and were so adorable that fans were changing the lyrics to the song in the comments to say “I’m like Tae Tae“. In the first video, Taeyeon is dancing along to the signature choreography and singing with a cute baby voice.


A video posted by TaeYeon (@taeyeon_ss) on

In the second video, she is in a store dancing to the song again but got interrupted by an employee coming to let her know that they were out of stock on the single she wanted. You can read Taeyeon’s translated caption here:

 “Just as I was getting caught up in the excitement, the employee spoke out to me. #Wearealloutofthesinglesupplyinourinventory … #Okay”

This is not the first time that  Taeyeon has been caught up in the TWICE craze. While being interviewed on Inkigayo, she once did the “shy shy shy” dance move popularized by TWICE. She is such a supportive sunbae!