Taeyeon Increases Security After Incident In Jakarta, Indonesia

No one was going to be able to grope Taeyeon THIS time!

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s increased security guard coverage at her recent airport appearance is going viral.

Taeyeon recently left Malaysia via Kuala Lumpur International Airport and, on her way through the airport, she was surrounded by multiple bodyguards and airport security staff.

Her security entourage almost made it look like she was an important dignitary or president moving through the airport.

She looked really small and tiny compared to the big muscular bodyguards surrounding her, but she strutted like the queen diva that she is!

SONEs believe the decision to protect her with maximum security was fair, given her incident at Jakarta airport early last year.

Taeyeon experienced an inappropriate groping incident in the chaotic situation at Indonesia’s Jakarta Airport last year when multiple fans pushed through the limited security and grabbed her. At the time, S.M. Entertainment promised to increase the security to prevent further incidents involving aggressive fans.

“We will also take extra care in the safety of our artists and increase security.”

A Representative from S.M. Entertainment regarding Taeyeon’s incident in Jakarta

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They clearly learned from the incident and now Taeyeon can safely travel to and from other countries without being worried about an encounter with aggressive fans.

Source: pann