Taeyeon Burned Herself During Recent Rehearsal

Girls’ Generation recently practiced their performance for “Holiday” at the rehearsals for the DMZ Peace Concert.

During the performance, one of the parts of the choreography requires the girls to dance while sitting on the ground.

Sooyoung and Taeyeon were both wearing shorts that day, but Taeyeon’s professionalism kicked in and she sat on the stage like it was a real performance.

The stage, however, had been exposed to the strong summer sun and was piping hot, which resulted in Taeyeon exclaiming, “Ah it’s hot!” as soon as she sat down.

While the others had long clothes on to protect their skin from the scalding surface, Taeyeon’s short shorts did nothing to protect her legs so they had to stop the rehearsals.

Hopefully, Taeyeon isn’t injured or suffering from any bad burns. Watch the video below.