Taeyeon’s PUBG Dance Obsession Continued Even On Stage

Location does not matter when it comes to the PUBG dance.

Taeyeon, who has recently been obsessed with performing the PUBG dance, has made it clear that the obsession is still ongoing!

Taeyeon had apparently performed the dance even during her concert in Japan! A fan uploaded a video of Taeyeon once again perfecting the addictive dance at her TAEYEON JAPAN TOUR 2019~Signal~ solo concert on April 22.


Fans couldn’t hold back their laughter as Taeyeon went about with her cute dance for the hundredth time.


Taeyeon previously uploaded a video of herself performing the PUBG dance multiple times in random locations. PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, an online multiplayer battle royale game that Taeyeon has recently become a fan of.


After watching Taeyeon’s cute version of this dance, it’ll become hard not to get obsessed!


Source: Dispatch