Taeyeon’s strange and embarrassing dance moves make SONEs fall in love with her even more

SONEs are cracking up in embarrassment after seeing the latest Snapchat videos from the girls as she takes viewers backstage of their latest concert stop.

Uploaded on July 17th through several of the members’ personal but public Snapchat accounts, Girls’ Generation were caught dancing hilariously backstage as they awaited for their next stage. In one video, their coordinators walk by with fans claiming that even they were embarrassed at the female idols’ antics.

They continue to dance an awkward move even as they stay on standby for their time on the stage, laughing until they needed to catch their breath. Hilariously enough, the inside joke continued during their stage as the members couldn’t help but give a giant smile as they looked at one another.

Girls’ Generation recently went to Osaka, Japan on July 16th and 17th to participate in the SMTOWN concert held at the Kyocera Dome. Another 2-day family concert is set for August 13th and 14th in Tokyo at the Tokyo Dome.