Tao Gets Bashed After Bragging About His Sports Car Collection

“Fantastic, now go bankrupt!”

Tao is receiving hate for the way he showed off his sports cars on his Weibo, allegedly belittling his fans in the process.


Hugely popular in China, Former EXO member Tao, who now promotes as Z.Tao, uploaded pictures of his supercars including his Lamborghini Aventador and Aston Martin Rapide S.


He also attached a comment, saying he has almost fulfilled his childhood dream of car collecting, comparing his cars to dragon balls from Dragon Ball Z.

“Ever since I was young, it was my dream to be able to collect the ‘seven cars’ and now I am only missing one. A new dragon will be coming soon, so I am happy.”


Z.Tao continued, “if I get a holiday, what I want to do the most is take pictures of all my cars together. The biggest joy in life and hobby is driving by yourself and listening to music.”


What rubbed Chinese netizens the wrong way came later in his post, as he “attacked” his fans for not being able to make as much money as him.

“This is too fun. But how many years of working will it take for you all to see the 7 dragon balls (7 super cars) like I did and post it on Weibo? It’s too difficult hahaha. It’s because every year I’m filming and I don’t need to drive.”


Chinese netizens who did not approve of Tao’s post left him negative comments.

Will you grow up if you go bankrupt?
This makes me sick to see.
Fantastic, now go bankrupt.
Are you not tired of this?


Whether or not you agree that he was being offensive towards his fans, you can’t deny he’s got some nice cars!

Source: Dispatch