Teenage Girl’s Mom Tells Her To Become A Prostitute Then Punches Her In The Face…Internet Responds

When this Korean teen said she wanted to quit school, her mother didn’t react well. Neither did some netizens.

In an anonymous forum post, a Korean teenager claimed her mother told her to sell her body then, later, punched her. This happened after the two of them had argued about the teen’s schooling.

In her post, the teen wrote that she had been struggling with school for years. She had temporarily dropped out of middle school to take a break then, later, had a difficult time adjusting to the demands of high school life.


After school one day, her mother asked her to drive them both home. Their house was just around the corner from her school, but the teen said that she did not want to drive. This initial argument caused more problems once they returned home.


During the car ride, the teen told her mother that she wanted to quit school entirely.


The frustrated mother, who claimed to have tried her best to provide for her daughter, told the teen that if she wanted to quit school she might as well go sell her body.


When they arrived home, things continued to escalate. The teen claimed that her mother had misplaced the keys but accused her of hiding them since she had not wanted to drive home.


The teen, dumbfounded by her mother’s reaction, just stared at her instead of responding.


Her mother, interpreting the teen’s stare as a sign of disrespect, punched the teen in the nose.


Afterward, her mother said that if the teen refused to go to school the next day she should move out.


After reading the forum post, some netizens took the teen’s side.

  • Hul yah;; this is seriously severe, how can your mom say this?
  • While I understand the mom’s frustration, did she really have to say that?? and she even punched her daughter’s nose wtf
  • There were times when my parents hurt my feelings with words they said impulsively. I don’t think they even remember saying those words, but I still remember every single word they said. The feeling of being a disappointment to your own parents is probably the worst feeling ever.
  • No, I don’t understand it. No “mother” should do what that person did to their own child. Punching her own daughter is inexcusable.


Other netizens took the mother’s side instead.

  • Your mom must be tired too… you dropped out of middle school and she sent you to high school again but then you told her that you wanted to drop out again so how do you think she must be feeling right now… What your mom said isn’t that severe either. Of course she would get mad if her daughter told her that she wanted to drop out
  • Now that I’m getting older, I gotta say that I understand your mom’s point of view.. I don’t know why you want to drop out but don’t drop out if it’s only because you’re tired of going to school
  • What will you do once you leave your house though? Your parents sent you to school and even paid for it… so you should try sticking to it… aren’t you thinking too quickly about dropping out? If you go to school, you will of course feel alone and find it hard at times but I don’t think that you should think of dropping out so easily.. I’m in my mid-twenties and I understand how your mom feels… of course her words were harsh but you have to understand her feelings…


The rest weighed both sides of the story and decided to take the middle ground.

  • Your mom is 100% at fault. But at the same time, there are so many people going through hardships right now so I don’t understand why you want to drop out of school just because you have it a little hard
  • She punched her nose? The mom clearly has issues . And the daughter will regret dropping out of school once she starts looking for a job and won’t find a decent job ’cause she’s not qualified
  • Y’know what the mom said was harsh and way out of line but understandable to a small extent. But punching her daughter? Inexcusable
Source: Nate Pann and Youtube