Teenager Gets Roasted By Her Family On Live TV For Her Massive Boy Group Addiction

She even stopped going to school. 

On an episode of Hello Counselor, Korean teenager Park Hae Mi appeared out of concern for her younger sister. Hello Counselor is a Korean TV shows that has regular people send in their personal concerns. With the hosts and celebrity guests, the concerns are discussed all together with those who share the concern.

Hae Mi sent in a concern about her younger sister, who is too obsessed with male idol groups.

Her sister is a self proclaimed fan of EXO, BTS, WANNA ONE, ASTRO, SEVENTEEN, BTOB, PENTAGON, and Kwon Hyunbin.

Hae Mi claimed that it was a concern because her sister would lie to her parents to get allowance for merchandise. As a result she would spent $200 to $300 USD a month on CDs, merchandise, and other products her favourite idols model for.

Her family was also be disturbed whenever she would scream like she’s at a concert, in order to practice her fan chants for the future.

As well, the family noticed that she was withdrawing severely from real life.

She became very sensitive and yelled at her family for little things like coming into her room while she’s fangirling or accidentally ripping an ice cream wrapper with her favorite idol on it.

Her mother became very worried because she would skip meals, sleep, and baths to stay in her room and fangirl.

Even if the mom tried to discipline her, she wouldn’t listen. She even stopped going to school. That’s when the daughter confessed that she was having a hard time adjusting and making friends at her new school.

Even before she transferred, she was ostracized at her old school.

I’m always by myself when I’m at school, my classmates avoid me. They don’t want me on their team during gym class, they make it obvious they hate me. They just don’t like me.

Her other sisters and mom realized that they weren’t able to give her the attention she was looking for.

When she’s having a tough time, idol singers’ songs and lyrics must comfort her and become strength to her.

— Choi Hyunseok

Eventually, they suggested to her mother that she ask her daughter about the idols she likes, like SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan.

Rather than suggesting a SEVENTEEN song, she recommended “Nosedive” by Chen and Dynamic Duo.

The lyrics are about overcoming difficulties together, showing her deep feeling for her family.

Sometimes, I feel like a ghost / Loneliness is like a grave / But you always take me out of it / You’re like the chorus of this song

— Nosedive Lyrics

The teen promised her sister to put more effort into her real life.

Unnie, I will try to fangirl less and talk to our family more. I’ll go to school, so please don’t worry to much about me… Mom, I love you.

Watch the heartwarming conclusion here!