The 10 Most Relatable Things Red Velvet Has Ever Done

Red Velvet is always stylish and sophisticated while performing idol duties.

But in real life, they’re just normal girls who struggle like the rest of us.

1. Like the time Wendy saw how much something cost and was like…

2. Or when Wendy spilled something on her clothes and had the best reaction.

3. Or how they also struggle in heels (but are there to catch each other)!

4. They get bothered when people smoke around them.

5. And some days, they even zone out when people are talking to them.

6. They also struggle with getting the perfect selfie!

7. But sometimes they’re so wise and remind us of one of life’s most relatable truths.

8. And they teach how to keep our priorities straight, like Yeri!

9. They also remind us to just let go and have fun with friends!

10. Red Velvet remind us that, even through the struggles, life is all about having a good laugh!