The funniest gif compilation of Korean idols

Mistakes happen often in the K-Pop world, but some of funniest moments are ones that are captured on camera.

K-Pop idols are constantly busy with their hectic schedules from running between shows, photoshoots, and their personal lives. Therefore, fans usually only see the serious sides of idols and the large variety of concepts being displayed during promotions. However, in the midst of the daily rushes and productions being done, mishaps happen. Luckily some of these mishaps were not only captured but were also hilarious, showing fans another side to their favorite idols.

Laugh along with your favorite idol in the funniest moments below!

I Like That?

Her professionalism is real here.


Too Busy

“Are you filming me right now?!”


Dancing Officer

“When I am sad, I dance to techno.”


Selfie Time



Video Slash Fail

The true reason Apink doesn’t do sexy concepts.


Perks of Having Fans

Chanyeol met up with an old friend.

Microphone Handle

To clarify, here’s your eldest on the left and the youngest on the right.


Sexy Lady

“Wooyoung the voodoo master.”



Not one, but two gullible types.


IU robot

Kudos to Yoo Hee Yeol for not cracking up right away.


Coughdrop Mishaps

“It’s only the effort that matters oppa…”

Hat Mishap

“When a non-fan wins the lottery…”


Huge Fish

“The best fisherman there ever was.”



“What you staring at fool?”



That moment your member betrays you.



When things don’t work out.



What is that in the right-bottom corner?



“…and this is how I die.”


Source: Instiz, Pann