Fans Claim Every Member Of This Girl Group Have The Most Perfect Body

Although they’re still rookies, Oh My Girl prove that civic engagement can be done while looking hot.

At last year’s Gapyeong People’s Day event, a public celebration of the Gapyeong province’s citizenry and history, OH MY GIRL performed in sailor schoolgirl-themed, vibrant, red outfits. Their dresses would be far too form-fitting for actual sailors but turned out to be just perfect for the sweet and youthful members of OH MY GIRL, a perfect homage to the ocean metaphors scattered throughout their latest single, A-ing:

Hyojung seems shy while waving at fans as she arrives at the event, but she still stuns with her ideal proportions, perfectly highlighted by her outfit.
Proven by her powerful vocals, Binnie’s tiny waist is no measure of her power as an artist.
Arin’s slender figure is so sexy it’s enviable; she looks cute too!
Arin engaged in full-performance mode: lighting—check, pose—check, visual is a go.
Seunghee gets in formation.
Jiho waves at the camera—probably because she’s so confident looking so hot in that dress.
Binnie’s skirt flaps in the wind as we set sail into the chorus.
Sunlight strikes Mimi at the perfect angle, illuminating her figure and her hair.
It’s no surprise that YooA is considered the face of the group

Watch their visually stunning performance below: