The most fragile and sensitive idols of K-Pop

Idols are used to screaming hoards of fans, but that does not mean they are completely fearless.

Red Velvet‘s Irene may be the group’s leader, but she has a major weakness for confetti cannons.

She takes it in good stride, playfully hitting another member that was also startled.

Irene experiences a minor mental breakdown as she hears another loud boom; there is no escaping the surprise noises.

She is not only affected by loud noises, but also silent movement. She slowly turns around, alarmed at the unknown presence behind her.

Leo from VIXX is known for his cold image, but inside he is an easily frightened cat.

As another member runs up to tickle him, Leo immediately collapses to the floor; this tall adult can be taken down by such a simple act.

Leo is easily taken aback when dealing with the unexpected. Complete with enlarged and scared eyes, it appears he’s constantly in a horror film.

SEVENTEEN‘s leader S.Coups should consider to start standing in the middle of the stage instead of the edge.

Fireworks are lovely to view from far away, but an absolute nightmare up close. S.Coups dramatically falls down when they are released right in his face, it is a miracle he did not faint.

He cannot even eat in peace, although in his defense, it is highly unorthodox to set off fireworks in the daytime.

S.Coups has a long battle ahead in his idol career, as fireworks will always be lurking, ready to go off at a moment’s notice. He has a difficult recovery time after each encounter.

The opposite gender can be just as frightening as loud noises.

BTS‘ Jungkook may display manly charms on stage, but he is not a fully grown adult yet. He was strolling on the field, but makes a strong halt when he faced a pair of girls. Jungkook completely re-routed his path and tried to play it off, casually scratching his head.

Source: Pann